About Us

One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like back.



Skincare business is a venture I dived into with all the risks but I was so willing and determined to make it happen. So I never had plan B neither, did I have many ideas about what is going to happen after launching my business because I never actually thought about failure when I implemented my business idea which has actually been a passion since childhood. When I established Skin Candy I had many unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends. There are lots of sleepless nights working on a project I have actually created by myself to make sure my plans work out, and to find a whole new customer base. The difference was I was not scared and I was willing to face all challenges one by one.

So what motivated me to create Skin Candy? There are some important elements. First of all it is the liberty to create what you want with autonomy by using your dream ingredients and create a personal formula that works for majority of skin types and skin problems. I found many people with skin care needs which the market with millions of products that did not meet their needs. This is where I worked on my project the most. To create a super and effective product that can meet the needs of the consumers who are looking for skin care and beauty products which they can rely on to find a therapeutic solution without the use of chemicals.


I launched my business after working out on formulas for a few months in 2014 July and at the same time did international trainings on formulating skin care products. I launched Skin Candy Face book page with just body scrubs and started selling it online through social media namely face book by creating a the Skin Candy page.

I also formulate with total positiveness and depend and trust myself to create what I believe will work with the educational background I have in Skin care. For the formulation of skin care it is critical to understand the physiology of skin which is fundamental to preparing sound formulations. The more you understand what you are doing the more efficient you will be in designing something which you exactly want.


A cosmetic formulator has the know-how, learning and ability to design a formulation that is both stable and effective. A good cosmetic formulator should know what ingredients are necessary to create different types of formula such as emulsions, balms, gels and toners and understand what differentiates one product type from another.

By way of example, a skilled cosmetic formulator should know when it’s necessary to add a preservative, an emulsifier or a solubilizer. Knowing the basic structure of each type of formulation allows the cosmetic formulator to improve a formula’s composition and to customise it in accordance with a product brief.

Learning cosmetic product design is just a first skill you’ll need as a cosmetic formulator. You also need to learn which formulating phase is the optimal time to add each ingredient. You should be aware of any incompatibilities among ingredients and about any special requirements they have such as needing to be added to the formula at or below a certain temperature or within a certain range of pH and as you go you have to learn advance formulation steps and you have to be skilled and trained as you go to ensure you sustain and succeed in what you have endorsed yourself into.

Secondly research is something that is so crucial to any entrepreneur who embarks on any type of crafting journey. Without researching into ingredients and new formulations and world trends we will not have been able to raise so many clients trust in such a short period of time. The most crucial for me was  to study the preservation process of products without the use of harmful chemicals or any chemicals.

Way before jumping in to the fun of mixing ingredients, and even before starting the design of your formula and manufacturing process, you need to research the best ingredients for a given product type and the function you want it to have. Your research and training in this area will help you find the best botanical extracts, the correct functional ingredients and the optimal way of adding them to the formula.



Formulating is exciting! When you first start to formulate there is the thrill of knowing there are potentially limitless combinations of natural ingredients to test out and different types of products to make. Then, there is the sensory and creative pleasure of experiencing beautiful natural botanical scents and discovering new and interesting product textures. At this point, you may realise that you have discovered a new hobby, or perhaps even see yourself in a new career as a cosmetic formulator.

Either way, as you progress on your journey as a formulator, there you will learn more and more about latest ingredients that reach the beauty industries, and learn to use and when, why or how to formulate with them. You can even feel overwhelmed by the amount of research and information available online which is why academic training will be your platform to strengthen your passion into a successful business.


By creating Skin Candy, I was extremely thriving in pursuit of a solution, focusing on finding an organic solution to the skin care concerns and beauty concerns people were having, mainly oily skin, acne , pigmentation and eczema and so on. I relied on high end raw materials hardly used in skin care products. Ingredients which you cannot find commonly. And provided the products in a form that is not available in Maldives for any one. These raw materials are used by the beauty and skin care industry in high end and expensive skin care products and are not infused by major multinational companies producing products because they mainly produce long shelf life products with extensive use of chemicals and also dangerous chemicals that are harmful on our skin.

When I launched my product online in July 2014 I just had a friend who helped me do the deliveries. We took all orders on face book and kept the delivery process going until October 2014 which was the only sales outflow we did because I didn’t have a shop.


I opened a small skin candy flagship shop in Male’ in October 2014.

By the end of 2014 I started producing face scrubs, hair oils, massage oils and some face balms, lip balms and eye balms.


By the end of 2014 I was a charged entrepreneur, I didn’t want to waste even a minute and day in day out, every second I was working on the advancement and formulation of my product line and develop it and expanding it. Actually I didn’t have any other interests including my social activities were brought to a halt. I gave my 100 percent time and dedication to just one cause for the next 4 years. My focus and all my energy was put into just taking care of Skin Candy and developing it and talking to customers. I spent my time building my customer base and also talking to all my customers online personally, without delegating the task to anyone else.

I was running the store by hiring two local staff and was paying them and the utility bills with just what we make from the selling of the products.